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Ulu Necklace

499,00 DKK

Ulu Necklace

The Ulu Necklace is inspired by the traditional all-around knife used by Inuit Women in Greenland. It is also called the "woman's knife". Our translation of the Ulu pendant is graphic and timeless in its simplicity.


  • Material: Sterling silver and 24 carats gold-plated.
  • Length: 42 cm. If you prefer 45 cm or 80 cm write your preference at check out.
  • Euro: € 65 apiece. 

Style it with

Make the Ulu Woman's Necklace personal & unique - Add one or more of our Petit Four Elements. 

Note: Plated layers fade with frequent wear. Always remove jewellery when washing hands, taking a bath, swimming, sleeping or doing sports. See our jewellery care guide.