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Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA

One World Earring - INSIDE or OUTSIDE (Single)

1.298,00 DKK 699,00 DKK

The ONE WORLD earring is a great statement earring from VERA VEGA's SYMBOLS collection. It consists of two circles crafted in sterling silver and comes in two versions - an INSIDE or OUTSIDE design. 

The small circle has a ONE WORLD engravement. The design is inspired by the world around us and the changes we experience in our global society today. Unfortunately, tragic events have become more regular. We wish to appeal to a united world. We only have ONE WORLD. We are all responsible for taking care of it. We are all equal - not matter religious beliefs and financial status. The ONE WORLD earring represents the important message that we are all united - in ONE WORLD.   

Wear it alone for a chic asymmetrical look or wear as a pair or match it with the ONE WORLD Necklace.

Diameter big circle: 4 cm.

Diameter small circle: 2 cm.

Euro: € 89 - 210

See more inspirational pictures via Instagram @vera_vega_jewellery

Note: Plated layers fade with frequent wear. Always remove jewellery when washing hands, taking a bath, swimming, sleeping or doing sports.