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Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA

Brizo Earring

599,00 DKK

BRIZO Earring

The BRIZO Earring is a minimalistic hoop earring with a purple ivory coloured freshwater pearl. It is part of the Mermaid collection by. The earring is named after the Greek goddess of sailors.

Style it with

BRIZO is an elegant addition to your wardrobe. It is easy to style and can be worn with any outfit, however, it is especially beautiful worn with soft colours like white, beige, camel, soft pastels, grey or black. The freshwater pearl ads an organic vibe to your look.

See more styling pictures on Instagram @vera_vega_jewellery

Images by Eva Lund / In Detail Studio


  • Material: Sterling silver or 24 carats gold-plated. 
  • Real freshwater pearl.
  • Length: 6 cm.
  • Euro: € 80 - 90 apiece.
  • The price is for one earring.

Please note: As the pearls are real freshwater pearls they differ in colour nuances and shapes. Also, be aware that gold-plated layers fade with frequent wear.