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Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA

BOHO Drop Earrings - White Pearls

1.999,00 DKK

The BOHO Drop earrings are one of our own favourite designs from the Danish BOHO collection. Made in 24 carat gold plated sterling silver and adorned with a vintage pearl and logo coin these earrings will add a true bohemian vibe to your jewelry collection.

Wear it alone for a chic asymmetrical look or wear 2 as a pair.

Height: 4,5 cm.

Euro: € 135 - 265

See more inspirational pictures via Instagram @vera_vega_jewellery

Note: Plated layers fade with frequent wear. Always remove jewellery when washing hands, taking a bath, swimming, sleeping or doing sports.