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Modern Jewellery Collections  

VERA VEGA's jewellery design is rich and diverse. However, rooted in Scandinavia the Danish jewellery label's pieces are coherently presented in individual jewellery collections - each telling their own story and representing a personal flow of inspiration that our designer, Eva Lund, crossed path with during her creative exploitation.  
The Scandinavian label's design aesthetic is founded in opposing elements from graphic aesthetics and architectural silhouettes to colourful and vibrant designs decorated with zircons, diamonds or bohemian pearls.

Contemporary Jewellery Collections

Our jewellery selection is wide and significant. We offer jewellery for every occasion be it a birthday gift, Mother's Day, engagement- or morning presents, Christmas gifts, confirmation, baptism etc. or just for yourself. VERA VEGA's timeless and unique designs are a beautiful thought for someone you hold dear. 

High Quality - Affordable Luxury

All VERA VEGA's jewellery is crafted in sterling silver or plated with 24-carat gold. Silver is a metal that never ceases to exist, consequently, we believe that while trends in fashion clothes are temporary quality jewellery lasts forever. Taken care of it the right way (you can learn how to take the best care of your VERA VEGA jewellery in our Jewellery Care Guide) it can be passed on through generations. Every season each of VERA VEGA's main collections is updated with new styles you can mix with our current designs. Our stones and diamonds are set by hand to ensure the highest possible quality. We only use fairtrade diamonds. 

How to wear VERA VEGA

Join us on Instagram @vera_vega_jewellery for inspiration on how to style our contemporary jewellery.