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VERA VEGA pays tribute to the simplicity and long-lasting quality of sterling silver.
High quality has always been a cornerstone in VERA VEGA's DNA and is extremely important in everything I do. Consequently, my jewellery is crafted in sterling silver and/or gold-plated with 24 carats gold. All diamonds and pearls are also set by hand, yet maintaining an affordable price point. 

It's possible to order some of the pieces in solid gold. Those are made-to-order like some of the designs you see in the shop. Reach out to me for prices on designs in pure gold. 

VERA VEGA jewellery quickly earned recognition by Scandinavian it-girls and has adorned a clientele of inspiring women, such as the bloggers Celine Aagaard, Hanni Gohr, Emilia de Poret and Danish celebrities like Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, Shirley, Sarah Grünewald and Lina Rafn.

Welcome to my Creative Universe

VERA VEGA is my creative project. Here you can shop my jewellery design and digital artworks. 

My name is Eva. I started the Danish jewellery label VERA VEGA during my cand.ling.merc. studies in marketing. Initially VERA VEGA featured minimal jewellery with a Scandinavian aesthetic. Today, my style has evolved and eye-catching statement pieces are now featured alongside my more simple jewellery designs - AND my love for drawing and exploring my creativity in a more visual way via digital illustrations has flourished.

I have always been creatively inspired by contrasts and play with graphic and architectural silhouettes, both in my jewellery design and digital artwork. I believe this gives VERA VEGA an elevated aesthetic with a personal twist.

Another element I play with in my designprocess of the silver designs is versatility. My jewellery can often be worn in different ways. The collectable rings can be mixed or stacked, the necklaces can be layered, the earrings can be paired asymmetrically - it is my hope to encourage women to let their adornments and "final touches" speak their personality.

Artwork - Prints - Illustrations

My passion for art has been with me all my life. When I was little I drew pencil drawings, later I experimented with water colours and acrylics. When I ventured into jewellery design, however, I put my artistic craft on hold. But during the last year I have rediscovered my love for the visual artistry and started illustrating digitally. 

I'm still exploring my creativity in this genre one stroke at a time and experimenting a lot. You will see this in the diversity of my illustrations. At the moment mixed media collages is my favourite genre. 

As in my jewellery designs, high quality is also an important cornerstone in my prints. My illustrations are printet only on high-end paper which gives them an original feel and makes the colours pop. Furthermore, they are only available in limited numbers. 

Thank you for stopping by my creative universe.
Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, custom inquiries  ( or just to say hi on Instagram @eva_lund_
Founder, creative manager, director, designer of VERA VEGA - Eva Lund

Eva Lund



VERA VEGA was awarded Styleproved by COUCH 2014. 

The well-known German living and fashion magazine COUCH picked 13 winners out of 150 exhibitors at the Blickfang Hamburg 2014 for the quality seal "style proved by COUCH". This special award, provided by the editors of COUCH, is a symbol for the authenticity of the drafts and designs as well as for perfect technical realisation. Based on those criteria VERA VEGA got rewarded with "style proved by COUCH“ 2014.

Style Proved by COUCH award given to Eva Lund Designer of Danish Jewellery Label VERA VEGA


CVR - 35895132

 VERA VEGA ApS, Brigadevej 51, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark.