VERA VEGA has found its niche within the category of RINGs & STATEMENT NECKLACES. A unique ring is the quintessential VERA VEGA piece. 

The label's Scandinavian heritage is evident in the minimalistic silhouettes of the jewellery, as VERA VEGA presents designs with a clean and simplistic feeling.

Inspired by "CONTRASTS" and playing with graphic and architectural silhouettes, colourful zircons and matte vs. shiny details, VERA VEGA presents an elevated aesthetic with a personal twist.


VERA VEGA is all about the rings and eye-catching statements. The collectable rings can be mixed and matched in various ways, encouraging modern women to create their own voice with the wide range of genuine silver jewellery. 



VERA VEGA is founded by Eva Lund who started the brand during her cand.ling.merc. studies in marketing. 

Eva is drawn by details in her jewellery design which often carries a personal and unique twist. Her biggest inspirations, which guide her creative process, are travelling, street style fashion, pop-culture, art, illustrations, drawings and architecture VERA VEGA's Collections features one-stop style statements, with the silver rings being Eva's favourite objects.


VERA VEGA pays tribute to the simplicity and long-lasting quality of sterling silver. Every season the label features new signature pieces and key must-haves for modern women who appreciate exclusive & contemporary design. The new styles can be mixed with earlier designs.

The versatile use and combination of the signature rings, entice you to play and style VERA VEGA - creating your own voice and elevating your style with
a personal touch.

VERA VEGA has earned fast recognition by Scandinavian it-girls and has adorned a clientele of inspiring women, such as the bloggers Celine Aagaard, Hanni Gohr, Emilia de Poret and Danish celebrities like Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, Shirley, Sarah Grünewald and Lina Rafn.
Founder, creative manager, director, designer of VERA VEGA - Eva Lund

Founder & Designer

Eva Lund



VERA VEGA was awarded Styleproved by COUCH 2014. 

The well-known German living and fashion magazine COUCH picked 13 winners out of 150 exhibitors at the Blickfang Hamburg 2014 for the quality seal "style proved by COUCH". This special award, provided by the editors of COUCH, is a symbol for the authenticity of the drafts and designs as well as for perfect technical realisation. Based on those criteria VERA VEGA got rewarded with "style proved by COUCH“ 2014.

Style Proved by COUCH award given to Eva Lund Designer of Danish Jewellery Label VERA VEGA


VERA VEGA Campaign Video 2016 - Behind the scenes from VERA VEGA on Vimeo.


 This video was shot during the making of our 2016 Image Campaign. The main source of inspiration for the shoot was "domination".

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