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Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA

Indian Rain Earrings - Silver/OX/Gold

2.299,00 DKK

The Indian Rain earring is the one of the most stunning pieces in our Danish BOHO collection. Made in sterling silver and set with a beautiful Mountain Crystal these earrings will add a magical touch to your jewellery collection.

It is said that carrying a Mountain Crystal will strengthen your intuition and help you find the answers within yourself. It cleanses your body & soul and creates a bright mind. It is the amulet of spiritual guidance. 

Wear it alone for a chic asymmetrical look, mix it with Bigger Miss Dot, Ella studs or Lilja Diamonds or wear 2 as a pair.

Total length: 9,5 cm.

Euro: € 155 - 335. 

See more inspirational pictures via Instagram @vera_vega_jewellery

Note: Plated layers fade with frequent wear.