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Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA
Earrings - VERA VEGA

Indian Rain Earrings

2.299,00 DKK

The Indian Rain earring is the one of the most stunning pieces in our Danish BOHO collection. Made in sterling silver and set with a beautiful Mountain Crystal these earrings will add a magical touch to your jewellery collection.

It is said that carrying a Mountain Crystal will strengthen your intuition and help you find the answers within yourself. It cleanses your body & soul and creates a bright mind. It is the amulet of spiritual guidance. 

Wear it alone for a chic asymmetrical look, mix it with Bigger Miss Dot, Ella studs or Lilja Diamonds or wear 2 as a pair.

Total length: 9,5 cm.

Euro: € 155 - 335. 

See more inspirational pictures via Instagram @vera_vega_jewellery

Note: Plated layers fade with frequent wear.