The Danish BOHO Collection is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Spending her summers in the South of France our Designer Eva, has created a collection with warm colors, vintage pearls & happy elements - infusing VERA VEGA's minimalistic, Scandinavian heritage with an exotic, bohemian vibe and a touch of ethnic magic.

VERA VEGA's diamond designs are made in sterling silver, but all items can be made in solid gold (white-, yellow-, or rose-gold) after your choice. These pieces will be made to order. The price vary according to the current gold prices and your choice of size, therefore these orders must be placed via mail to contact@veravega.com.

Add a personal touch to your style and give your wardrobe an instant chic update with one of our ear-cuff's or nose rings. 

Welcome to VERA VEGA - a Danish jewellery label.

Life without contrast would be very dull - and understanding that gives VERA VEGA a particularly interesting and personal twist. Founded in 2014, the label not only creates jewellery pieces that balance opposing influences. EVA LUND, the designer of VERA VEGA, reveals a particular passion for contrasts. Consequently, some of her designs are roughly filed to bring an extra edge to the graphic silhouettes, while others are decorated with diamonds or colourful zircons adding an elegant contrast to the raw, clean and minimalistic design. 

THE Lilja Diamonds Collection is inspired by the French "fleur-de-lis".

This symbol, depicting a stylized lily or lotus flower, has many meanings. Traditionally, it has been used to represent French royalty, and in that sense it is said to signify perfection, light, and life.

In VERA VEGA’s Lilja Diamonds the 3 crown leaves of the lily flower are interpreted into 3 small silver bullets meticulously set by hand next to the diamond in the middle.

Architectural silhouettes 

Eva’s inspiration for the MANHATTAN collection was the skyline of the famous NEW YORK city and the amazing architecture of the skyscrapers domination the urban concrete jungle. You can see this in the vertical and clean lines of the designs, where the blinking zircon stones represent the windows of the city that never sleeps. Add an urban and modern touch to your style with the Manhattan designs. 

VERA VEGA's jewellery for MEN is both chunky and light. The MEN's collection also feature unisex pieces.

VERA VEGA's necklaces can be combined and stacked in many ways. We curate pieces that are simultaneously elegant and timeless enough to subtly integrate into our day-to-day lives.

These are the newest VERA VEGA jewellery designs added to the webshop. Join us on Instagram @vera_vega_jewellery and get a preview of the jewellery before it hits the webshop.

VERA VEGA's Signature & Bestselling Jewellery

VERA VEGA is known for its ring designs. The label features many unique rings, but also signature pieces within necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Take a look at our signature VERA VEGA jewellery design below and our bestselling pieces. On Instagram @vera_vega_jewellery we offer inspiration on how to style these pieces. 

SLOGANS WITH ATTITUDE. Underpin your fun and daring side with VERA VEGA's signature statement necklaces and symbolic interpretations. 

Inspired by pop-culture, street style fashion, tattoo art and motivational guidance the SYMBOLS Collection features one-stop style statements. Say it loud, say it proud! 


The Premiere Collection features the quintessential essence of Scandinavian design - minimalist, graphic & clean silhouettes. The collection is inspired by the vertical, horizontal and awry lines found in impressive and innovative architecture. These lines are in the Premiere Collection transformed to timeless silver pieces. 


The Rocket Pearl Collection entails precious jewellery pieces with solid silver pearls. Invest in pieces that will last forever and stay timeless. 

Timeless Minimalism

The Willow Collection plays with graphic silhouettes and is inspired by the classic triangle shape. Stack and layer the pieces for different looks and elevate your style with these minimal elements. 


VERA VEGA Jewellery is designed in Copenhagen, Denmark by Eva Lund. The jewellery features designs with a Scandinavian, modern and minimalistic aesthetic in high quality. Easy to style - timeless and clean in its simplicity. See all of our designs below.