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Behind the scenes

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Behind the scenes

Well hello everyone, (or probably no-one! since this is my first blogpost on VERA VEGA's Blog) 

Anyways, you have to start somewhere to get anywhere. That was my motto when I started VERA VEGA (and that has turned into a much bigger thing than I ever expected), so that is also the motto that motivates me start this behind-the-scenes-get-to-know-the-woman-behind-the-label-blog'ish project. 

My intention with this blog is that it will be my "little corner" on where customers and others interested get to know me, take part in my design-process (I really sincerely would love to have someone to share my initial drafts with, as one of my greatest challenges is to discard designs and where I let you in on what it really means to start a business from scratch with no experience in that field whatsoever. I will share my success, troubles and challenges with you - and I really hope you would love to share a little back and comment with your own thoughts and learning lessons life have given you so far. 

So first up - here is a quick sum up about the woman behind these words. 

Eva Lund, founder of VERA VEGA

My name is Eva. Im 32 years old and I live in Copenhagen. 

Many of you might think that Im a goldsmith - Im not. Actually I have a Master of Arts in Corporate Communication, Integrated Marketing & PR.  

I have always been a very creative and visual person, and my jewellery design is a way for me to bring this creative urge to life.

I will tell you more about how I started VERA VEGA in another blog post - better keep it short for now. 

So I guess this is it. My first VERA VEGA blog post. Now its just to hit launch and my new little project is in the air. I hope some of you would like follow and join in sharing your experiences in the comments. 

Xx Eva

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